5 Steps to Achieve the Perfect Holiday Golden Eye Look

The Holidays are right around the corner ladies and it is the perfect time to try your hand at some new makeup looks perfect for winter. Today’s holiday makeup look is very simple and easy to achieve. With any makeup application you never want to have eyes, lips and cheeks be the focal point. That is called overkill and instead of having one thing stand out you end up looking like you have on way too much makeup. Instead you want to accentuate one or two things, such as eyes and lips, or cheeks and lips with a nude eye. The holiday glam look we will be doing today is a gold lid with lightly smoky corners, perfect for the holidays!

1. Cleanse your skin

Start with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face. In order to have a beautiful painting, you must start with a clean canvas. You don’t want to have any dirt, oil or dead skin hanging around on your face. So be sure to cleanse your face well. Make sure you have removed any old makeup and exfoliate all of your dead skin. The next thing you want to do is tone and moisturize your skin.

2. Prime 


Once your moisturizer has dried you want to apply a primer to your eyes. Applying a primer ensures that your makeup application will stay in place for hours. Apply a primer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural complexion. If you are a dark brown complexion go for a lighter brown. If you are a very light complexion with yellow undertones you can use a beige or yellow concealer or primer.

3. Add eyeshadow

Once your primer is applied, add your first eyeshadow. You want to you a color close to your natural color as a transition this can be added over the lid. You always want to start of with less shadow and add more as needed to darken the area and add dimension. Add a lighter color underneath your brow bone to add dimension. Next you want to add a slightly darker color into the outer corner to the crease of your eye.Remember less is more.

4. Golden eye

Next you want to add your gold color to the lid. Use your eyeshadow brush to pat the color on to the lid. Next you blend the colors together to ensure you have an effortless look.

5. Line and Mascara

Finally you want to line your eyes. Follow the shape of your top eyelid with either a pencil, gel, liquid or cream liner. For a little extra pop, apply your gold liner to your bottom lid. Once you finish the top, line the bottom lid. The next step is to add mascara. First take your mascara wand and go in a downward sweep across the top lashes. Next use the wand to go in upward sweeps until you have achieved the fullness you desire. After you have completed this step to your likeness work on the bottom eyelid by lightly running the wand across the bottom lashes.


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