While the accessibility to healthy and natural food options has increased manifold over the last couple of years, the same can’t be said for natural beauty products. And finding natural beauty products that actually do what they promise is even more difficult. Well, luckily for us, our haircare worries can be put to rest! Au […]
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Woman drying face with a towel 1
In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, sometimes you have to make sacrifices and take less-than-ideal shortcuts just to cope and keep up with the demands of daily life. Aside from the obvious toll that these take on your mind and body, unhealthy lifestyle choices—and other external irritants that you encounter daily—can also lead to another […]
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Резултат с изображение за Evening Routine skin care
As a dermatologist, I often get asked about my daily skin care regimen. Here’s a look at the products I use as a 41-year-old woman with dry skin and pigment problems (melasma). My Morning Routine 1) I start the day by splashing my face with water. I prefer not to wash my face completely. 2) […]
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You know EltaMD as the brand that created the most highly rated sunscreen on Dermstore, but did you know that this brand actually started out as a physician-dispensed skin care line for use only in hospitals, burn centers and rehabilitation clinics? You read that right. For more than 25 years, EltaMD has channeled all its […]
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Hormone Levels & Your Cycle
If you’re like most people, your skin probably has good days and not-so-good ones—but why? Sure, factors like stress, the foods you eat and the products in your regimen all make a difference. But your hormones also play a major role. No one knows this better than board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Rebecca Booth, M.D. An […]
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